100 Men Hall in Bay St. Louis screening ‘American Justice on Trial’

A rare opportunity is coming to the 100 Men Hall next month.

They are going to screen ‘American Justice on Trial: People vs. Newton.’ This documentary revisits Black Panther Co-founder Huey Newton’s 1968 murder trial, a powder keg that exposed deep-seeded racism and details how Newton’s defense team fought during the trial of the 1967 killing of an Oakland officer and the wounding of another.

100 Men Hall Director Rachel Dangermond is excited to screen the powerful documentary because it reminds her of the history of the 100 Men Hall. “It’s considered one of the greatest trials of our century. It’s up there with almost every trial you can think of, and it had a major impact on the laws in the U.S. and we think that it fits very well with what we’re doing here.”

‘American Justice on Trial’ will screen at the 100 Men Hall on Thursday, February 9th at 6 p.m. Admission is free, but you can secure your tickets online at the100menhall.com.

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