100 Day Voter Registration Blitz

Gulfport community leaders are not wasting any time preparing residents to let their voices be heard at the election polls.

With a 100 Day Voter Registration Blitz campaign, local leaders and churches are pushing to increase voter registration and voter turnout.

They are asking volunteers to help with phone banking, mobile voting drivers, text blasts, and community canvassing.

According to Extend a Hand, Help a Friend CEO Jeffrey Hullum III, “Harrison County, we don’t have a voter registration problem, we have a voter turnout problem.” “People only will be heard through the power and the ballot of their vote. So that’s what we’re pushing these 100 days, so we can make sure that they are ready prior to any election, not just the next midterm election, but the upcoming state wide elections in 2023.”

The campaign started August 2nd and will continue until November 2nd.  If you would like to volunteer email EAHHAF2017@gmail.com.

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