10/29 – Brantly Keiek’s “Cooler and Calmer Post-Zeta” Thursday Forecast

It was quite the day and evening yesterday. Zeta intensified into a strong Category 2 hurricane and brought a swath of wind damage to portions of Southeast Louisiana and South Mississippi. Zeta sped up and by early this morning had already moved far enough to the northeast that impacts had just about ended across the region.

As for the forecast things look fairly calm and on the cool side for the most part. Zeta quickly kicked out to the northeast last night and that was due a strong cold front moving across the region. Cooler and much drier air will accompany this cold front and it will lead to well below normal through the remainder of the work week and still quite comfortable over the weekend.

Overall the pattern is not really going to change too much and cool, breezy conditions will back over southeastern U.S. by early Saturday. This should allow the region to warm up just a little bit, but we will still be quite dry across the area for Halloween and to start November off. With that your trick or treating should be quite pleasant Saturday night.

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