10/22 Ryan’s “Few Degrees Cooler” Friday Night Forecast

A cold front passed through today, not doing much during the day but will make it a few degrees cooler tonight.

Not really any cooler today despite a cold front crawling through the area today, but tomorrow will be slightly more. Even then I’d like to be sure to temper any expectations as the high will still be above average, just less so. Tonight will be an improvement on last night though, with a mild low near 64 degrees and mostly clear skies. As I alluded to a moment ago, tomorrow will still be hot with a high near 82, but it is an improvement.

Sadly this slightly cooler/drier trend will be extremely short-lived.

By Sunday, southerly flow will have increased the humidity again and our nights climb back into the 70s. Days creep right back up into the mid 80s as well, with higher heat indices to boot. Monday will bring the first of two fronts we’ll see next week. While that one will be weaker, Wednesday’s will bring back those seasonal conditions we saw last weekend.