10/21 Ryan’s “Front Passage” Thursday Night Forecast

A cold front will pass through tonight/tomorrow morning, bringing some slightly drier air and not much else.

Similar to last week, we’re seeing a cold front come through as the week comes to an end. Sadly though, this front won’t be nearly as strong and won’t bring a return of that more seasonal weather. We will see a dip in temperatures tonight as the wind shifts, low down slightly to 68 degrees with northerly winds.

Tomorrow afternoon won’t cool noticeably with a high near 84, but it will feel a bit better as the humidity falls.

Expect that to be a short-lived change though. We’ll enjoy around a day of slightly less humid weather, but the humidity will come surging back quickly as a new frontal system develops to our west. That’s because the cold front that passes through tonight will transition into a warm front and come back through by Sunday, bringing back that muggy air. We’ll stay like that until next Thursday when the next front swings through.

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