10/15 Ryan’s “Cold Front” Friday Night Forecast

It has been hot and humid all week long, but a cold front is providing some relief overnight.

It was hot and humid as we were going to get earlier today, but tonight’s cold front will send the temperature and humidity the other direction. Don’t expect too much to change tonight though, as the low will only fall to 68 degrees. We’ll see a 30% chance of rain from 2 AM – 6 AM, otherwise little active weather will occur.

The big star of the show will be the lower humidity, which will plummet overnight.

Where the dewpoint has been in the low to mid 70s most of this week, tomorrow we’ll find it in the 40s! Our afternoon high will fall as well, down to 72 degrees, an over ten degree drop! That means the “late summer” weather of the last few weeks will be much more seasonal through the weekend and into next week. Enjoy it while it lasts though, because we’ll be back in the low 80s again by next Wednesday. Thankfully another frontal passage isn’t far behind.

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