10/11 Ryan’s “Still Humid” Monday Night Forecast

Going to get more and more humid as we head through the week, but much drier air moves in soon.

Last weekend ended on a slightly less humid note, but more muggy air is on the way. Like the increase over the weekend though it’ll be a slow build, reaching its peak by Friday as a front arrives. This one will be stronger than the last few, so expect more noticeable changes including considerably less muggy air by the weekend. Tonight there will be no such luck.

Expect a warmer low near 70 on the waterfront while slightly cooler inland.

Tomorrow warms a degree to 85, with slightly more cloud cover than today but still sunny-to-mostly sunny skies. All this means we’re still in for a hot and muggy week, but cooler and much drier air is on the way. So while it’s still “late summer” this week, next week will be more “fall-like.”

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