10/05 Ryan’s “Lower Humidity Ahead” Tuesday Night Forecast

Going to be a slow change over a couple of days, but lower humidity is on the way...just no much lower.

We’ll see only the slightest dip in the humidity in the days ahead, but much drier, more sunny days are coming. We saw some of that as early as this afternoon with no measurable rain and mostly sunny skies. A few of those clouds will linger into the night as things cool down slightly to around 67 degrees. That will be fairly close to the dewpoint, so expect another morning with areas of patchy fog.

Tomorrow afternoon will remind you quite a bit of today, with a much drier afternoon having only the slightest, basically just “not impossible” chance of showers.

High will also climb slightly to around 83 degrees, feeling like an early summer day with mostly sunny skies. This warming trend will continue into the weekend, taking the high considerably above average into the mid-to-upper 80s. This still won’t be too bad since the humidity will fall some, but it won’t be “dry” by any means. By next week another cold front approaches, bringing a slight increase in cloud cover and slight rain chances back to the coast.

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