1/9 – Brittany’s “Quiet” Monday Evening Forecast

Weather will remain quiet through the short term as high pressure gradually settles over the area and moves eastward. A fast-moving upper level disturbance will move past the area late tonight, but with little moisture to work with, any isolated showers should remain offshore.

While there isn`t much moisture through the column, there is some moisture in the lowest levels as a result of recent rains and continued soggy ground. With temperatures forecast to cool into the 40s , this could lead to some radiational fog overnight tonight. Not much support for widespread fog, so will keep wording as patchy with this update.

As the high moves eastward, winds will become onshore again and usher in warmer and more humid air, leading to a greater fog threat tomorrow night into Wednesday morning. A limiting factor on fog for Wed morning, though will be that winds may already be starting to strengthen ahead of the next cold front and could keep things a bit more mixed over land. For areas near the cooler waters, there will be potential for some advection fog as the warmer and more humid air mass moves over the colder near-shore waters.

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