1/3 – Brantly’s “Freezing Cold” Monday Night Forecast

Tonight into tomorrow morning, north winds will help to push cold and dry air into the region. Clear skies and dry conditions will prevail through the evening. Very quick cooling will be likely this evening due to the clear skies and calmer winds in the forecast. Lows tonight heading into tomorrow morning will be in the mid-upper 20s to low 30s across the area. A Hard Freeze Warning is in effect from 10PM tonight through 10AM tomorrow morning for the northernmost row of parishes in SE LA and for the SW MS counties, since they will see the greatest potential for temperatures at or below 25 degrees. For areas south of those locations, including Mississippi’s coastal counties, a Freeze Warning is in effect from 10 PM tonight through 10 AM tomorrow morning since these locations are forecast to see temperatures approaching or below freezing.

Tuesday night into Wednesday, winds turn to the south with will act to reintroduce warm air and moisture into the region, which will enhance some instability in the area. As a result, an isolated shower or two will be possible Wednesday, mainly during peak afternoon daytime heating hours along the coastal areas.

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