09/22 Ryan’s “First Day of Fall” Friday Forecast

Today may have been the first day of fall, but our afternoon “summer” storms and heat indices in the upper 90s say otherwise. There will be many more days of summer-like weather before we’ll really begin seeing these cooler and drier conditions, and afternoon showers will continue through the weekend before beginning to dry up. Sunday and Monday seem to be the wettest days at the moment, with rain chances lingering around 50% as moisture and instability peak right around the time the seabreeze will likely set up. Afterwards, we’ll see some drier air moving in, and skies should clear considerably, but the temperatures remain in the upper 80s to low 90s.

Maria continues to move just Northeast of the Bahamas, and doesn’t seem a landfall threat at this time, though the forecast track does begin to “wiggle” Westward a bit by the beginning of next week. Directional shear is increasing, but sea surface temps remain near between 28-29 degrees, meaning no significant weakening is expected for a few more days. Jose finally became a post tropical low, and is expected to degenerate into an open wave as it is forced westward. Lee became a tropical system again, and looks like it will become a hurricane again by Monday, but it should continue doing loops in the Atlantic until dissipation.

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