09/14 – Steve’s Midday Forecast

… and the Tropics awaken!

We start with THREE tropical systems to talk about. Ian continues to head north in the central Atlantic and poses no threat to land. Number Two is Tropical Storm Julia, which is just off of the Georgia coast and is not expected to move a lot before being absorbed by a frontal boundary by Friday. Lastly, there’s newly-developed Tropical Depression Twelve, just off of the African Coast – a true Cape Verde storm. It’s forecast to keep moving west over the open eastern Atlantic waters for the next few days.

Closer to home, sparse rain chances are in store for today and Thursday as we once again find ourselves far away from northern stream frontal systems. We’re also dominated by the Bermuda High, which continues to keep us locked-in to our standard Summertime pattern. However, change to that seems to be on the way late next week.

In the interim, energy from westward-moving waves across the northern Gulf combined with an upper-level trough now over the Gulf that is expected to move back north late Thursday and Friday will bring much greater rain chances Friday (60%) and especially Saturday (80%). Also, temperatures during the day could be a few degrees cooler because of cloud cover and precipitation.

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