09/20 Ryan’s “Muggy for Now” Monday Evening Forecast

We're starting off the week on the humid side, but much drier air is moving in soon!

Still muggy and hot as we start off the week, but much cooler and drier weather is on the way! We still have one hot and muggy day before that happens though with a warm, foggy night ahead, and a high of 88 with a 30% chance of showers Tuesday afternoon. After that, things will start changing quickly.

Expect the front to move in by Wednesday morning, with the dry air really taking hold by the afternoon.

This will bring our air down from “muggy” to “dry” on the “Muggy Meter,” where it will stay for the rest of the week. It won’t be until the weekend that our dewpoint rises above 60, and even then it will struggle to get to 65. These conditions would be considered humid by anyone else’s standards, but will be a drastic improvement on our average weather for the last few weeks.