09/13 Ryan’s “Dark Skies” Monday Night Forecast

Expect skies to remain cloudy and grey for most of this week.

The end of last week was sunny and dry, but muggy air and grey skies have moved in. This was bound to happen eventually, but has been enhanced greatly by the development of Tropical Storm Nicholas. There won’t be any landfall, damaging winds, or significant storm surge for South MS, but the deep tropical moisture will keep things wet and muggy all week long.

That means our biggest risk will be flooding as rain can pile up for the better part of the week.

Rain is expected around half the day tomorrow, most of the day Wednesday, and will slowly subside from there. Still going to see at least the chance of scattered showers for the weekend, but some sun will be likely. By next Monday it looks like mostly sunny skies take over, but that muggy air will linger for some time.

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