08/23 Ryan’s “Slightly Cooler” Monday Night Forecast

Considerably warmer than average weather has been in place for several days, but things will be getting back to "normal" very soon.

Things have been consistent recently in South MS, but much wetter and slightly cooler trends are moving in. Neither is going to be a very drastic shift. Certainly nothing like we saw through June and July, but it will be wetter than average. In terms of my forecast that means more 30% and higher afternoons where we’ve been lingering in the 10-20% range. That won’t be the only change in pattern we’ll see this week either.

The temperature has been considerably higher than average, but that’s expected to fall back into the low 90s again by the end of the week.

It’ll still be hot and humid each afternoon, but just not quite as excessively hot. In even better news we’ve reached the peak of summer for the South MS area (mid-to-late August), so conditions will gradually cool as the season ends. We have however reached the statistical peak for activity in the tropics, so be sure to stay tuned for the latest updates and keep your hurricane plan handy.

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