08/19 Ryan’s “Dangerous Heat” Thursday Night Forecast

High temperatures and humidity don't pair well with drier conditions, and we're in for more of both in the week ahead.

Dangerous heat has moved in and today’s heat advisory won’t be the last we’ll see over the next week. We’re in for an interesting change though. Right now we’re seeing high heat indices because the humidity rose slightly, but the temperature has remained near the seasonal average in the low 90s. As next week rolls around, we’ll see the temperature rise into the mid 90s, while the humidity backs off slightly.

These will average out to keep similar heat index values in the area, expecting to range between 102-112 across South MS through next Wednesday.

Heat illnesses can creep up quickly in these conditions, especially in direct sunlight. Please remember to limit outdoor activity if possible through peak heating hours, usually between 10 AM and 4 PM, and stay hydrated. I don’t expect to return to average temperatures again until the end of next week.

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