08/13 Ryan’s “Average” Friday Night Forecast

Pretty average weather to finish off the week, but Fred's shifting track may break things up a bit.

There weren’t any weather surprises today as our active weather was once again driven by the sea breeze. That’s when showers and thunderstorms develop due to the heating differences between the coast and the inland areas, and it’s been our only driving force for weeks if not months.

I don’t expect any chances to our pattern over the weekend, but as we start next week there are a few more variables.

There’s still a bit of uncertainty regarding Tropical Depression Fred’s final path, due to its current disorganization. I still expect it to pass east of South Mississippi, but it could come close enough to bring some indirect impacts. We will continue to monitor and update as it develops. After Fred moves inland, it won’t take long for our recent “low 90s with an average amount of afternoon activity” pattern, but Tropical Storm Grace is moving in soon after.

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