07/20 Ryan’s “Hot, Hot, & Humid” Thursday Forecast

The upper and mid levels continued to dry out, but the low level humidity and hot temperatures continued. I’m expecting more of the same tomorrow, but we will begin cooling by a degree or so through the rest of the weekend as cloud cover and rain chances increase. Heat indices will range between 95-105 degrees across the coast until around Saturday, so take care to protect yourself from long term exposure. A few tips to remember: Drink plenty of water, plan “shade breaks” during prolonged outdoor exposure, dress lightly but cover as much as possible, a nice shady hat will help some and use sunscreen if able.

Our “normal” summertime pattern of afternoon showers on otherwise sunny days will begin anew on Sunday, but won’t last too long. It looks like as we head into next weekend we’ll be drying and clearing again.

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