07/27 – Brantly’s “The Heat Is On” Tuesday Evening Forecast

 Humid air, warm temperatures, and light winds will keep the current heat advisory posted through today. The main hope for cooling will be from any thunderstorm development, which will be embedded in a deep easterly wind flow. The daily afternoon sea breeze should provide a little relief for at least the coast. These conditions should play out each day much the same way with a slow increase in rain chances each day.

Main forecast concerns during the extended period will continue to be the daily threat of thunderstorms, if any, and oppressive heat conditions.

Heading into the weekend, temperatures should be near average each day with highs in the lower 90s and lows in the 70s. Fortunately, the increased storm activity in the afternoon hours should limit heat impacts as storm outflows temporarily reduce heat index values.

On the water, almost normal marine conditions are expected to continue and the calendar shows why. During July and August, typical conditions over the northern Gulf of Mexico consist of very light to no wind outside of any system or thunderstorms moving through. It is the time of year the Doldrums actually become quite established and with no showers or thunderstorms around, the water can become so calm that it can look and act like a mirror. This can act to give a person full exposure to sunburn and heat exhaustion more rapidly than normal as no air movement and very little shade protection can cause a build up of heat that can`t be depleted easily.

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