07/23 Ryan’s “Hot & Humid” Friday Night Forecast

More hot and humid weather with not much else.

Hot temperatures and high humidity will peak this weekend, leading to some dangerously hot weather. We saw some of that weather today as a few areas climbed to near 108 on the heat index. That’s high enough to trigger a heat advisory, and I wouldn’t be surprised to see another over the weekend.

That means while this weekend will be largely beautiful and sunny, please enjoy safely.

Staying hydrated, seek shade often, avoid out doors during peak-heating hours, and using sunscreen are always good ideas. The next few days will see a few showers and thunderstorms, but the start of next week will be even drier. That’ll be a short-lived change though, as heavier, more widespread rain moves in through the middle to end of next week. That cools us off a bit, out of the mid 90s and into the low 90s…not a big change.

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