07/20 – Brantly’s “Warm and Humid” Tuesday Evening Forecast

 The forecast through the next day or so still remains wet and unsettled. Thursday is looking like it will be the start of a pattern change as we finally start to dry out some. There may not be a very obvious drop in rain chances on Thursday, but Friday should be more noticeable. And as those rain chances come down and high pressure builds in, temperatures will be on the rise as we get closer to the weekend. Expect widespread lower 90s by the end of the week.

By Saturday, the upper level high pressure system over the central part of the United States will likely remain weak, but will continue build eastward towards our area. This begins the transition into a slightly drier pattern. Depending on how strong the high pressure system gets, we could either be firmly in the high pressure or right on the periphery of the edge.

Regardless, we should see a general decrease of rain chances to more like in the 20% to 40% range instead of the deluge of rain we are dealing with currently. However without the large amounts of rain we have been having, temperatures will begin to climb up.  High temperatures next week could easily reach the low to mid 90s and with high humidity heat indices could easily pass the century mark.

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