07/14 – Ryan’s “Humid & Calm” Wednesday Night Forecast

Two drier days in a row, but rain is starting to look more likely

If the forecast had a theme today it would be “no surprises” as we head into another calm, humid evening. That means more overnight lows in the mid 70s, a few clouds, and light to patchy fog. Tonight will remain dry, but shower chances do begin to pop up again as the thermometer begins to rise in the afternoon. Not looking too bad though, similar to the last few days worth of rainfall, chances near 20%.

Expect a high near 89 degrees with mostly sunny skies, though a few more can be expected during peak heating hours.

Unfortunately the rainy trend continues one more day. Friday is looking like an average, near 30% day in terms of rainfall, though the weekend is looking slightly more sunny. Different story next week however, as deeper moisture and more organized rain moves in.