07/12 Ryan’s “Mostly Dry” Monday Night Forecast

Not so much rain tonight, but more arrives each day this week.

Setting up to be another mostly dry night, but no surprises earlier this afternoon as we saw more showers and thunderstorms moving in once again. There were a few accumulations of 4″ or more, but overall it wasn’t too bad compared to several days last week. The main issue is the ground is still saturated, so even a moderate amount of rainfall could cause some localized flooding issues.

This trend is very similar to the last few weeks we’ve seen, but I do expect overall rainfall to be lighter this week.

Expect tonight’s low to linger in the mid 70s again, with partly cloudy skies and an off chance of a coastal shower. Tomorrow’s high will remain similar to today’s, near 87 degrees with partly sunny skies and more afternoon showers. I’m only giving it 20% for the next couple of days, and models are only predicting a few hundredths of an inch of rainfall across most of South MS through Wednesday. It looks like we’ll see another pop of activity as we finish off the week (40% on Friday), but it quickly get back to “normal” by the start of the next.