07/06 Ryan’s “Even More Rain” Tuesday Night Forecast

We really just can’t catch a break with this rain as even more falls tonight. There hasn’t been much activity over the last few hours, but what we have seen has been heavy, and lingering in one area just west of Hwy 49. This has led to a 6 hour accumulation of almost 5″ and a 24 hour accumulation of close to 10″.

That means we aren’t quite to the levels we saw the week after Claudette, but enough that localized flooding issues will continue.

That’s why a Flash Flood Warning has been issued for central Harrison County tonight, not ending until after midnight due to more developing showers to the south. We are still looking at more rain ahead for the rest of the week, but it will begin trending in a slightly drier direction by Thursday. Friday should see a slight increase, then the sun returns for the weekend.