06/18 Ryan’s “Tropical Cyclone” Friday Night Forecast

What should have been Tropical Storm Claudette by now still remains “Potential Tropical Cyclone 3.” The reason for this is the system has not yet developed a closed center of circulation. It’s close, the winds are at the threshold, and the internal structure appears tropical…but it’s just a bit too disorganized.

Regardless of whether it ever acquires its “tropical” designation, it is still going to bring several inches of rain to South MS.

The estimated total has jumped around a bit, going from 8″ yesterday down to 2″, and today rose back up to 12″. I’m expecting we’ll end up closer to 4-7″, but at least one or two trouble areas will see more. Flash Flood Watches have been issued, and at least one Flash Flood Warning has as well. I expect to see many more through the night along with gusting winds. By lunch time tomorrow I expect things to begin to improve, it’ll just be very slowly as showers will linger for a few days to start the week.