05/25 – Brantly’s “Mostly Sunny” Tuesday Forecast

Occasional clouds will pass overhead through the period given the very meager amount of moisture remaining, but overall airmass over the region remains rather dry. A daily sea breeze each day also aids in bringing some Gulf moisture inland. The only concerns in the period will be some patchy fog development tonight. Even with dry conditions overhead, enough moisture remains in the boundary layer, and combined with light to calm winds, the temperature can cool to the dewpoint causing some patchy fog development. Visibilities should generally stay between 2 to 5 miles, however, some guidance does suggest that some localized areas could get less than 2 miles.

Highs today and Wednesday will be in the upper 80s to mid 90s inland with the higher temps over the eastern half of the area. Low to mid 80s are forecast along the coast. Given effective daytime mixing bringing drier air aloft down to the surface, heat indices remain in check allowing temps outside to feel like what they actually are. Lows tonight generally range in the low to mid 60s inland, with mid to upper 60s closer to the coast.

Persistence forecast continues as high pressure remains firmly in control. The main thing going on aloft is a rather weak shortwave trough will progress through the upper Ohio River valley which will cause the ridge to flatten out and retrograde west into more of the central Gulf then western Gulf by Thursday. A weak surface high will remain over the eastern Gulf but overall surface flow will remain weak and more diurnally driven with offshore landbreeze developing overnight and an onshore seabreeze developing each afternoon. Skies will be clear and temperatures will remain warm with highs climbing into the upper 80s along the coast and low to mid 90s inland. Low temperatures will be in the mid to upper 60s both nights.

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