03/09 Ryan’s “Much Warmer” Tuesday Night Forecast

Much warmer tonight than it was last night, by over 15 degrees if my low of 57 verifies! Even if it ends up a little cooler, the moisture that has steadily moved in since the weekend has really raised the bar.

This is leading to our warmer lows, but is also bringing fog back to the Coast.

Not expecting widespread or dense tonight, just patchy for now, but those days aren’t far away. The warmer, more humid air just keeps coming, so expect an even warmer afternoon tomorrow with a high near 73.

The warming trend will take us through the rest of the week actually before I expect it to plateau in the low 60s/mid 70s.

Over the weekend the cloud cover will build even more, but it still doesn’t look like rain will be an issue until next week. Scattered showers and overcast skies will cool us off next Monday and Tuesday, but still not below our seasonal average of 70.

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