01/21 – Brantly’s “Cloudy Today, Showers Tonight” Thursday Forecast

Another mild day is expected across the gulf coast today. High temperatures are expected to top out in the upper 60s. We start out with mostly cloudy skies, and cloud cover will continue to gradually build throughout the day and overnight as our next weather system starts to move in from the west.

That cold front is expected to stall out before it reaches the gulf coast. As the front stalls, small disturbances will move through keeping waves of showers and a few thunderstorms developing and moving east. This first area of showers is now streaming into the area and the rain should make it to our area by late this afternoon. The stalled front will get an extra push and begin moving again by early Friday.

The cold front that is expected to move through most of the forecast area Friday night will likely stall over the southern coastal waters on Saturday. A few showers could develop but rain chances are slim. This will likely make Saturday the coolest day of the next week.

Slightly higher chances of rain will start to return to the more inland areas Sunday, and then models are currently showing even higher rain chances Monday afternoon. That system moves east Monday night into Tuesday with drier conditions returning. Warmer, above-normal temperatures are expected Sunday through Tuesday.

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