Young investors program awards local students

The Gulfport School District celebrated students who completed the Wake Forest Young Investors Program.

Students participated in the First Generation Investors, which is a nonprofit organization founded by students at the Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania. It teaches underserved high school students the power of investing.

$100 was given to the students to kickstart their investment portfolio and representatives from RPM Pizza, LLC rewarded the students with an additional $100. RPM Pizza Consultant Dr. John Kelly said, “This is getting them started early so that by the time they get to be adults, start to make money. Of course, they will know how to invest those monies to get the best return.”

Gulfport High 11th grader Aniyha Woods said, “They actually taught us to like scout certain companies and stuff to see who is doing good, who is doing not so good. So, I actually chose to invest in Walmart.”

Two Gulfport High School students participated in the program this year which ran for eight sessions.

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