Yard sale fundraiser for Loaves and Fishes

The nonprofit organization Loaves and Fishes held a yard sale at their building in Biloxi over the weekend.

The organization has provided breakfast and lunch multiple times a week to all people who are hungry for the past 38 years.

The team held this yard sale to help raise funds to purchase a new building due to their current residence being sold.

Loaves and Fishes’ current lease ends on December 31st and they are hoping to raise enough funds to find a new home.

For vendors who participated, tables were $20 to set up and sell your items at the event. Some of the items sold at the yard sale included clothing, paintings, house decorations, and instruments.

Some vendors at the sale even donated all of their proceeds to the Loaves and Fishes organization. Loaves and Fishes Executive Director Leslie Ramon said, “It’s amazing. I’ve told people before over the years that this place changed my life the first time I came, and I hope we can make a difference in someone else’s. We’re up to roughly around $80,000 that we’ve raised since May. Super excited about that. We have an amazing outreach with our staff.”

The organization is looking to hit the $100,000 donation mark soon and hopes to hit the $500,000 mark by the deadline in December.

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