World-leading wood company possibly coming to Stone County

Stone County is hoping a large sustainable wood company will soon choose to call the area home.

The name of the world-leading bioenergy company is ‘Enviva’ and they make wood pellets.

Economic Development Partnership Director Betsy Rowell says European countries will use the pellets like we might use coal or natural gas to fire plants that provide electricity to homes.

Discussions between Enviva and Stone County began in early 2022. The plant would potentially create 400 jobs, 25 percent of those directly with Enviva.

Rowell says if the plant chooses to come to Stone County, it will bring many benefits along with it. “In addition to the direct impact they have with their investment and actually building a facility and the jobs they’re creating, what we see is a further economic impact in a community. People are buying houses. They are buying apartments. There’s new retail, restaurants to service the people that are here. The people that are working here. A lot of people who are working 45 minutes to an hour away, they have an opportunity to come home now.”

The plant would contribute more than $200 million a year in economic impact to the region.

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