Wittmann Learning Center in Long Beach raising funds for playground

Wittmann Learning Center in Long Beach has only been running as a private school since August 2022, but they are growing at a rapid pace and are in need of a playground for their students.

Deonne Wittmann is no stranger to teaching students, having taught at Quarles Elementary School before deciding to open her own private learning center to help kids with learning, social, and emotional disabilities become successful in education. “Here we have an alternate education system. We do follow some of the standards that the common core requires. However, we do not follow the common core system.”

Wittmann opened her facility in December of 2021, helping tutor students and then decided to go all in, becoming a full-time private school while still offering tutoring, camps, and after-school services. “I opened a learning center in Long Beach and it grew. I had more and more parents contact me.”

Serving 35 kids each day, Wittmann is in need of playground equipment for her students so she decided to set up a GoFundMe to help. “Now the children do not have anything to play on. They run around in a fenced in area. We just built that and we are really needing help from others to build this playground because we can’t do it alone.”

Although there is a low-cost tuition fee for students to attend the learning center, Wittmann says it is simply not enough. “The little bit of the tuition that the children do pay, it doesn’t allow us for excess things.”

If you would like to donate toward Wittmann Learning Center’s playground fund, go to gofund.me/B1D7D074.

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