Wildlife rescue organization shows off animals at Railroad Museum in Gulfport

Wildlife rescue organization Whisper of Hope made a trip to the Railroad Museum in Gulfport to show off some of the animals in their care.

The organization makes the trip to the museum once a month to show off a wide variety of animals to the museum’s guests.

Often, animals such as crows, snakes, turtles, and skunks make the trip each month. However, this month Whisper of Hope brought five owls for their guests to learn about.

Three of the owls were eastern screech owls name Alex, Aaron, and Furby. One was a barrel owl named Hawkins and the last one was a great horned owl named Archimedes.

Whisper of Hope Executive Director Jamie Pope said, “I mean it’s great. I mean kids don’t really get to see something like this, of course unless they are actually the finder, so it allows them in a controlled situation to actually -I mean they can’t pet them – but they can get a picture taken, they can learn about them. We try to teach conservation, and I mean sometimes you gotta start with the little ones to get to the big ones.”

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