Wiggins Firefighter Clint Jacobs dies of COVID-19

The Wiggins Fire Department is mourning the loss of one of their firefighters.

The department announced the death of Clint Jacobs who died from COVID Sunday night in his home.

Jacobs joined the Wiggins Fire Department in April 2019 as a volunteer.

News 25 spoke with a couple of Wiggins firefighters that couldn’t help but comment on Jacobs’ loyalty to the department, often using his free-time to volunteer with the station. Firefighter Shane Breland said, “Volunteers, they have other jobs and stuff, but when he was around, he responded. He was always here. We could always depend on him to show up when we he was home.”

Captain Brooks Smith said, “Not getting paid for it, just giving his own time. I mean that says a lot about him.”

“Anytime we lose a firefighter, it takes a toll on us. A fireman went through a funeral with Gulfport yesterday and now it is us with the same situation. It’s always hard to lose anybody and when it’s a brotherhood like this, it makes it even tougher.”

The department asks for thoughts and prayers for his loved ones.

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