West Elementary in Gulfport holds Exam Pep Rally

West Elementary in Gulfport held a pretty unique type of pep rally this afternoon for students.

We’ve all heard of football pep rallies and basketball pep rallies, but West Elementary decided to host an exam pep rally.

As students of West Elementary begin to prepare for their state exams, the faculty at the school decided to do something unique to raise the kids spirits and get them ready to succeed by throwing them a state exam pep rally.

The pep rally began with students preparing to take the tests lining up and walking down the hallway as they are showered in good praise and encouragement by their peers in other classes. Assistant Principal Dr. Laquita Gresham said, “Everyone’s nervous, we’re stressful. We want to celebrate this moment and not just let it be something that causes us to be nervous and scared. We want kids to be excited to show what they know.”

The students then entered the gym where the Gulfport High cheerleaders and band performed.

Members of the faculty as well as motivational speakers got up and spoke to the students to help raise excitement as well. “I think for kids, it shows that like they put a lot of work in the classroom, right? You’re reading passages, you’re answering questions, you’re working out math equations, but then sometimes they don’t get to see the fun part that comes with us celebrating what they are about to do.”

Students taking these exams include the third, fourth, and fifth grade as well as the kindergarteners. “It was very successful, and I think a big part of that is getting every student involved in the building from kindergarten to 5th grade, you know starting with our parade in the hallway, to now 3rd to 5th feeling like, ‘hey people notice that this is a big deal for me, but not only do they notice, but they want to celebrate it.'”

The tests will last six weeks and start next week with the third graders.

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