Weather impacting the construction industry in South Mississippi

The rain around South Mississippi has been having an impact on local businesses.

Overall, South Mississippi has accumulated and exceeded the yearly annual rainfall amount last April.

Not only has it caused many to have to rain check on their summer plans, but it caused issues for those working in the construction industry.

Between scheduling and employee safety, the rain has made completing jobs on time difficult.

News 25 spoke with Frank Battle, the owner of Battle Brothers Heating, AC, and Refrigeration, while he was working through the rain at a construction site to meet a deadline.

He’s worked in the industry for 30 years and owned his own business for 15 and this summer has been one for the books as far as rainfall goes. “Maybe one or two way back, but not since I’ve owned my own company have I had a summer like this and it’s been my responsibility. It does put a lot of stress on me and my employees.”

Battle also commented that with the pandemic the overall cost of materials has gone up. Those increases with the work delays caused by the weather have made it a very challenging year for the construction industry.

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