Ways to prevent colon cancer

With the death of Kirstie Alley, the dangers of colon cancer have returned to the spotlight.

News 25 spoke with Singing River Colon and Rectal Surgeon Dr. Ramon Brown who says colon cancer is a serious issue as it’s the fourth leading cause in cancer related deaths.

Dr. Brown says one of the best ways to prevent the cancer is to get regularly checked through colonoscopies and other screening tests.

The cancer commonly begins as a small benign polyp inside the colon, but rapidly evolves throughout the body into the lymph nodes and other organs causing severe damage.

While some believe this cancer is most commonly hereditary, it’s actually often found in people with no genetic ties to the disease. Dr. Brown said, “That was one of the main myths is that if you don’t have any family members that have had it then you are at no or low risk. Even healthy patients who have minimal risk factors can develop colon cancer. It’s really one of those nebulous things that strikes those who least suspect it.”

Some of the best ways to prevent colon cancer throughout your daily life is to avoid a lot of red meat and processed foods and to stay away from smoking.

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