Ward 1 residents show up at city hall to discuss possible new hotel development in Biloxi

Biloxi residents attended a city hall meeting to voice their opinions and concerns on a hotel development project.

Theresa Thompson has lived on Avalon Street in Biloxi for over 40 years. In the last two months, she’s been committed to preserving her established neighborhood from a newly proposed development project. “It’s always been a residential neighborhood and yes we’ve had small apartment houses and condos in it, but we’ve never had a motel.”

A $32 million beach development project would be located at 1252 Beach Boulevard and backs up to several homes located on Father Ryan Avenue. “I don’t want it in my neighborhood because it doesn’t fit what our neighborhood has been or is meant to be.”

Thompson has attended five city meetings to get the project denied. “Three historic meetings, we’ve attending one of the planning commission and now we’re here today with the council.”

Biloxi residents were expecting a decision from city council to approve or deny the beach development called Oak Grove Hotels, but instead the city council voted to host a public hearing in early May. “I would have liked to see them deny it because I really think they need to question this whole PDHB thing a lot closer.”

On the other hand, Jerry Creel, director of community development for the City of Biloxi, tells News 25 the project is already approved by many organizations. “It was approved by the planning commission 10 to 2. It was approved by the Architect Historical Review Commission six to two and it was also approved by the tree committee.”

The May public hearing gives the developed and neighbors a chance to respond to questions and concerns.

Thompson says she’ll be there.

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