Vendors seeing double the number of weddings in 2022

With mass gatherings prohibited during the height of the pandemic impacting the wedding industry, this year love is in the air and making a comeback.

News 25 stopped by the Great Southern Club in Gulfport this morning as they were setting up for a wedding.

The club has been open since the 80s and has had their fair share of weddings in their sunset room which provides a panoramic view of the City of Gulfport.

In 2020, due to restrictions, many brides had to postpone their dream weddings, but business is back to normal for the club and even better than before.

Summer is normally a slow month for weddings due to the Mississippi heat, but this year that is not the case. Great Southern Club General Manager Jeff Hall said, “Our weddings are usually around 150 to 200 as the size weddings we have. Last month we had a 450-person wedding. That definitely was not a small wedding. I guess a lot of people aren’t cutting back. They’re going for the bang. I guess people are living their life and understanding that life’s short, gotta get it while you can.”

News 25 also spoke with Ravin Nettles, the co-founder of Grey Gatherings, a local wedding planning company. Nettles said her company is planning more weddings than before. She notes that future brides need to give themselves about a year to make the arrangements for the big day.

The influx in weddings also means it can be more difficult to find available wedding vendors.

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