Vancleave High School raises money for local woman battling breast cancer

In honor of Breast Cancer Awareness Month, Vancleave High School raised $1,700 for a local donut shop owner.

Kathleen Nicholson, also known as Mrs. Kat, is the owner of Lou-Joe’s Donut Hut less than a mile away from the high school. She also has a son who attends VHS as a senior.

Mrs. Kat was recently diagnosed with breast cancer this October. VHS Principal Raina Holmes said, “Every single year we take an opportunity during October to do a breast cancer fundraiser. We try to find someone in the community or someone related to someone on campus to give that money back to. Last year, actually one of my best friends was diagnosed with breast cancer and we were able to give that money to her. So, this year, it made sense that we gave it to someone in our community that has such a huge impact on our community and on our students.”

This Friday, Mrs. Kat will be presented with a check reminding her that ‘nobody fights alone.’

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