Update on state’s workforce development programs at Gulf Coast Business Council meeting

Several Coast leaders met this morning to discuss regional solutions to acquiring a skilled workforce in the business realm.

The Gulf Coast Business Council held its general membership meeting at the Knight Nonprofit Center. The availability of a highly skilled workforce is a key issue for the state and the Gulf Coast region.

The purpose of Accelerate Mississippi is to connect with key providers of workforce training and employment opportunities in government, education, and private sectors.

Executive Director Ryan Miller tells the council that the Coast is a great example for the rest of the state. “There are collaborations that are taking place every day between industry, educators, policy makers, philanthropies… in a way that you starting to see some great economic growth. We’re excited to be a partner in that with those, and I think you’re going to see the Mississippi Gulf Coast continually, as it has been in the past, be an example for the rest of the state of Mississippi.”

Miller said one thing Accelerate Mississippi prides itself on are career coaches, who introduce students to a multitude of career paths they can take in the state.

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