‘U-Pick It’ blueberry farms opening for the season

‘U Pick’ blueberry farms are opening across the Coast. Bounds Blueberry Farm in Wiggins opened last week and need your help harvesting their berries.

From 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. the ‘u pick’ is open at Bounds Blueberry Farm in Wiggins. You can fill a gallon bucket with fresh berries for just $10. Picker Charna Smith said, “I buy about ten gallons a year and I’m on my last gallon from last year. So, it’s time to get some more.”

Smith traveled from Purvis to the farm, stocking up her fridge with her favorite berries. “This is perfect. You get out early in the morning, so you get out here and start picking berries. It is really good for the soul, too.”

Bounds Family Farm first opened in 1990. They once only sold commercially, but two years ago they decided to welcome clients onto their farm to take part in the blueberry picking experience. Julie Bounds said, “We love our farm and we want to share it with people, not everybody can own 10 to 12 acres.”

Between the pandemic, last year’s heavy rainfall, and the tornado that tore through the farm last month, they’d had to halt their commercial sales.

Despite the obstacles, the family of farmers always remains optimistic. Their nickname is the ‘home of the happy berry.’ “My son passed away a couple of years ago. When we were out picking blueberries, I was having a really hard time just wondering what was coming next, what we needed to be doing.”

Then reaching into the blueberry bush, Bounds saw a sign of hope smiling back at her. “There was that smiley berry and that was God’s way of saying we’re doing exactly what we need to be doing. So, we’re the home of the happy berry and we hope our berries make everyone very happy.”

The ‘u pick’ for blueberries last about five weeks.

Bounds Blueberry Farms is expecting to conclude the season around the beginning of July. Visit their Facebook page or call ahead to plan your trip to the farm.

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