Two-year-old found after running away from D’Iberville daycare

A nightmare today for parents of a two-year-old boy at a D’Iberville daycare facility.

According to D’Iberville police, the boy was found a block away from the facility by D’Iberville Public Works. The child, Jack, was not hurt.

The incident took place this morning before noon at Honey’s Learning and Development Center located on Byrd Avenue in D’Iberville.

The owner of the daycare, Miss Dixie, tells News 25 the child ran out and escaped.

Police did not know how long the child was missing. D’Iberville police tell News 25 the two-year-old boy was spotted by an alert public works crew down the road from the facility.

The workers returned the child to the daycare and then the daycare owner called the mother to inform her of what happened.

The parents reached out to News 25 this afternoon, heartbroken to hear what their only child went through today. “As a mom, I honestly think he was scared out of his mind. He’s two. What is a two-year-old do when he’s walking around alone. I mean, he gets scared. The fact that the officer told me that when the workers found him, he was running. It’s like who or what was he running from that he was scared.”

The family moved to the Gulf Coast from Minnesota three months ago.

The owner of Honey’s Learning and Development Center in D’Iberville, Miss Dixie told News 25 “This is a sad situation and it is unfortunate that it happened.”

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