Two Waste Pro drivers in Gulfport receive safety rewards

To ensure that employees practice safety on a daily basis, Waste Pro offers incentives for their drivers.

Waste Pro’s Gulfport division is celebrating two drivers who have earned the company’s coveted safety award of $10,000.

Commercial front load driver DeAnna Deflippo and roll-off truck driver Gary Hudson were each awarded their prizes during a steak dinner for the company.

To earn the safety award, drivers and helpers must go three years without an at-fault accident, injury, or property damage, maintain a clean truck, and have a strong attendance record. Division Manager John Geboy said, “What’s special about this celebration today is that two drivers that have now earned their safety bonus for the third time. So, like I said, it’s a reward. They’ve earned it and we try to, all our drivers and helpers actually strive to get that done. The focus is really because they show up to work safe, we want to make sure they go home safe.”

Since its inception in 2004, Waste Pro’s safety program has distributed more than $7.4 million in safety awards.

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