TSA precheck coming to Gulfport-Biloxi

During a press event at the airport, WXXV was able to capture the expedited process. TSA precheck takes 5 minutes or less and will be available for traveling starting May 26th until June 6th.

“It’s the absolute preferred way for travelers to get through security,” said Jessie Hillenbrand, the senior director of federal marketing for IDEMIA. “It is smoother. you don’t need to take your liquids out of your bag, your shoes off, you can leave your laptop in the bag.”

Enrollment ambassadors will be located just outside of airport security, all you need to enroll is a photo ID and proof of citizenship – such as a passport, birth certificate, or proof of lawful permanent residency.

“Precheck is the way TSA is going,” said Kim Jackson, federal security director for the state of Mississippi. “It also lends that opportunity for easy access for the traveling public so they will be able to have it smoother when they’re going through the security process.”

One you’re approved for TSA precheck, you’ll be issued a known traveler number which you provide to your airline each time you book a flight.

It is listed on your boarding pass and allows you to use an expedited security screening lane in more than 200 domestic airports.

“It’s just great we’re leading in innovation, modernization, and traveler safety – and Mississippi is leading the pack on that,” said Congressman Steven Palazzo.

“Mississippi is truly is the leader because this was piloted in Jackson and it was our first ever pilot of this new initiative for enrolling passengers,” said Hilldenbrand. “Now we have Gulfport-Biloxi during the busiest times of travel – Memorial Day Weekend.”

Rolling out in time for summer travel, the airport is still bouncing back to their pre-pandemic numbers.

Travel is back to 88% of what it was in 2019.

“Coming out of the pandemic, we’re still rebounding and are close to where we were in 2019 and we do expect to see some pin up demand for leisure travel this summer,” said Chaille Munn, director of marketing at Gulfport-Biloxi International Airport. “Hoping this extra amenity will convince people to come down to GPT to fly.”

There is an $85 application fee for TSA precheck which covers five years of participation.

After five years, travelers can renew online for $70.

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