Trinity Episcopal Pumpkin Patch returns in Pass Christian

With last year’s fall season having been tumultuous for pumpkin sellers between hurricanes and COVID, this year coastal pumpkin patches are seeing shortages due to shipping delays.

The Trinity Episcopal Church Pumpkin Patch in Pass Christian is the only place you can see the beach, shrimp boats, and pumpkins in the same view.

Now, in its 29th year, the pumpkin patch had a couple of delayed shipments but is up and running in full.

Shipping issues related to the gourds are due to a combination of unfavorable weather conditions and a fungus that has impacted pumpkin growers this year, according to USA Today. Jeanne Tagge, the pumpkin lady, said, “This year wasn’t as bad as last year. We got our second load but it was a day late, so it came in on a Monday, which is a little problematic because people were at work and most of the students were back in school.”

The pumpkin patch will be open until October 31st or until all the pumpkins are gone.

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