Trent Lott International Airport reopening in Moss Point

City officials and state representatives gathered to showcase the $6.7 million runway improvements made to Trent Lott International Airport in Moss Point.

Officials cut the ribbon in celebration of the reopening of the Trent Lott International Airport. In 2019, the state awarded the airport $6.7 million in Restore Act Funds to upgrade the capacity of runways to accommodate larger planes. Congressman Steven Palazzo said, “Because of the Restore Act that we passed in 2012, we are able to redirect all the fine and penalty money back to the states affected by the oil spill instead of that money going back to the federal government.”

With the funds, approximately four inches of surface asphalt was added to the runway, which will accommodate aircrafts up to a gulfstream or any global, in addition to military aircraft up to a C-130. State Senator Brice Wiggins said, “By them expanding it, by them increasing the capacity with the runway, we are opening up new opportunities and it is about economic development.”

The opening of Trent Lott International Airport is a gateway for aviation in Jackson County. The reopening will now allow larger and corporate aircrafts to come in. Trent Lott Board of Commissioners Mary Martha Hinson said, “We have a new fix-based operator here, Southern Sky Aviation, that allows us to again recruit new companies, corporate jets, more hanger space, and so it’s a really great opportunity.”

With the aviation advances going on in Mobile and New Orleans, the upgrades put Jackson County right in the middle. Senator Wiggins said, “This is about competition and we wanted to place Jackson County in the position to be competitive, not just on the Gulf Coast, but around the country and with this you can see that is going to put us there.”

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