Travelers at Gulfport-Biloxi International Airport impacted by canceled flights

Many people are still trying to get home after spending Christmas away with their friends and family. Travelers at Gulfport-Biloxi International Airport were among the thousands of flights canceled by the winter storm.

“I’m here. I made it. I need to get my car from New Orleans now because that’s where my flight was from. A little bit of driving around, but I am home and glad to be here finally.”

After arriving at Gulfport-Biloxi International Airport, Maggie Linton from Hurley is finally closer to being home for the holidays. She was among many others dealing with canceled flights this holiday season. “I had a flight back on Christmas Day that got canceled from Southwest. Then another scheduled the day after Christmas and that one was pushed back twice and then canceled.”

Linton booked a flight with American Airlines to make it back home to Mississippi. She’s had quite the voyage and it’s not over yet. With the help of her dad, she’s doing a little backtracking to New Orleans to pick up her car, then she can head home to Hurley.

Others are still trying to overcome the delays and cancelations. The Lazarus family’s trip home to Santa Barbara, California had just started. They visited Biloxi to spend Christmas with family and their journey to Mississippi was much longer than anticipated. Kelly Lazarus said, “What was supposed to be nine hours and maybe 26 or 27 hours. So far, it looks like the flight we are on is oversold, but we were able to get some boarding passes so we’re very hopeful.”

All travelers can do is stay optimistic as they navigate their trip home. “I told my husband that we will be so happy sleeping in our own beds when we arrive home.”

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