Tougaloo College visits the Coast to recruit students

Hundreds of high school students looking to further their educations were in Pascagoula today, learning what one Mississippi Historically Black College has to offer.

Historically black colleges and universities, commonly referred to as HBCUs, are an experience like no other. They are well known for producing world leaders, great musical programs, and unique Greek life. Tougaloo Vice President of Enrollment Management of Student Services Dr. Whitney McDowell Robinson said, “We are Tougaloo on the Coast 2023. We are so excited to welcome schools from all over the Gulf Coast to our historic and annual event, where we have hundreds of students who are excited about what Tougaloo College has to offer.”

One student says the opportunities provided made her choose Tougaloo College. Senior Elise Anderson said, “I saw how they outreached to the community with the students and actually wanted to meet with them and gather one on one, and it also stuck out the fact to me that they’re willing to work with us and I’m like okay this is somewhere I see myself.”

Part of the Tougaloo College mission is to help students graduate debt free. Scholarships were given away on the spot today to high school seniors looking to further their education. Pascagoula High School Senior Valerie Davis said, “I received a scholarship today and it’s going to help me because I’m going to go to Tougaloo and I’m gonna become an orthodontist. I plan to major in pre-dentistry, so it’s going to be a really good help, it pays half of my tuition.”

Richton High School Senior Kalina Montani said, “They will help me a lot because I’m not from like a rich family and just having money through school, I know a lot people graduate college in debt, but I won’t be graduating in debt. I’m coming from a lower-class family and I’m going to be graduating college debt free.”

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