Tips to stay warm and energy efficient

As the cool weather makes its way into your home, the heater is working double-time to keep you warm.

Singing River Electric has some tips on how to stay warm and keep the bill low. To prevent the heater from running all day, consumers should check for drafts in windows and doors.

People can also lower their consumption by dressing warm inside or using a fireplace.

The key to having a lower electrical bill, however, is all in the thermostat. Singing River Electric advises consumers to keep their thermostat at a steady 68. Amanda Parker with Singing River Electric Cooperative said, “Every degree that you increase over the 68 degrees will increase your bill by 5 percent. So, if you have the heater set to 70, that could be an automatic 10% increase on your bill. That’s going to be the key.”

People can also download the Singing River Electric Smarthub app to track how much energy they are using.

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